Archival Software for SCSI Medium Changers that support DVD and Blu-Ray Optical media and LTO and AIT Tape Media

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Release Notes

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Current release information:
- A set of preliminary software has been uploaded (beta0.0/first).  This software has basic robotics functions (uses mclib, rather than mtx), a autofs module called mount_asaca, and a file migration program to move from a disk directory to the removable DVD media.  This has only been tested on an ASACA AM-1450 so far (that's all I have access to).


DVD-Vault is an open-source implementation of a file system archive that makes a DVD, PDD or Blu-Ray SCSI Library with multiple pieces of optical media look like a single large file system. A library with 1000 pieces of 50 Gbyte media can be addressed as a 50 Terabyte file system with SCSI-robotic mounting and unmounting of media as required.  My background is with UniTree (HPSS), AMASS, METIOR, and MagnaVault, so users of this software may recognize how this program works.  It is similar in most ways to the MagnaVault software which has been discontinued  by BakBone, but was actually a pretty good software package for certain applications.

A tape-based version of this software also exists, however it has not yet been posted to SourceForge.  The tape-based version supports AIT and LTO tape drives and has been tested with QualStar libraries.

A software project overview can be found here.

A description of a network accessible Application Program Interface for querying the status of files and media in the archive can be found here.